How To Spend A Perfect Weekend In Dubai As A First-timer? 

If you happen to be in Dubai for the first time after relocating from your home town then what are the things you can do to derive maximum joy out of your weekends? The business capital of the UAE happens to be a place teeming with weekend destinations. However, those are basically for the people familiar with the place, not for the new entrants. So, today we will be helping out those who are not too familiar with Dubai to enable them to make the most of their leisure time. 

The Burj Khalifa 

Those who have spent enough time in the emirate would say, “What The Heck, Give Me A Break,” but for the newbies in Dubai, this is amongst the first things to explore while setting foot in the place. The tallest building in the world at over 828 meters, the structure has to be seen to be believed. However, entry is not free as there are several price slabs to gain access to the premises. Even if you don’t wish to pay still you should view the building from the outside. For example, from the various eateries of Address Hotel Downtown one can get good views of Burj Khalifa. The feeling you get instantly is entirely surreal as it’s one-of-a-kind not only in the Gulf but across the world. 

The Dubai Marina 

This is another ideal spot to explore during the weekend but it won’t come across as something mesmerizing for some as it’s a neighbourhood in Dubai. Dubai Marina is landlocked by tall sleek structures, restaurants and coffee outlets. It can be very joyful to be in the place and you should not be dissuaded by the prodding of your friends or relatives. It is not merely perfect for sightseeing but also to enjoy a yacht cruise. The majority of the yacht leaves from Dubai Marina and mind you, it won’t pinch your wallet that much. So, this place should find one of the topmost positions on your wish list as a first-timer in Dubai. 

The Atlantis Hotel 

This happens to be yet another spot to visit at any cost in Dubai as the first timer and it’s a highly desirable place for sightseeing. This is primarily a massive resort that offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to visitors. You can book a place in any of the restaurants located inside and then explore the entire place. If possible click some pictures of the hotel from outside as they would make for a pleasant viewing in future. 

The Rooftop Cinema 

If you are in the mood of catching a cinema during the weekend, then this comes across as more than perfect. The experience is simply delightful as it is not your regular cinema hall, hence, the Rooftop Cinema should not be missed at any cost. In case you are not the one who is not really keen on spending leisure time on movies yet this should not be missed for the sheer experience on offer. They are located outside but are very stylish and cosy. Definitely one of the best ways to kill your leisure time. 

Enjoy The Sunshine From The Beach 

In case you are not the type keen on exploring massive structures or uber-cool shopping malls, then the beach in Dubai can be a good idea. The best part is that you don’t have to pay a fee and take a ticket or pass for gaining entry. So, devote some time on the beach during the weekend to relish the sunshine Dubai is renowned for. 

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