How Sameer Gadhia and Point of Origin pave way for multiculturalism in Alternative music

Sameer Gadhia is a well-known name in the rock scene, the frontman of the selling rock band ‘Young the Giant’ is not only a gifted artist but he also tirelessly works to make the Alternative music scene inclusive. Called “one of the great contemporary rock voices” by The New York Times, the 31-year-old singer is the son of Indian immigrants from Ahmedabad and has been grappling with issues of multicultural identity and racism for the better part of his life.

This aspect reflects in his work with Young the Giant, which is comprised of 5 members all from diverse ethnic backgrounds. The band’s 2016 album ‘Home of the Strange’ was based on the experience of the modern American immigrant like themselves. Gadhia believes that the alternative scene should be subject to experimentation and should regularly challenge boundaries with the changing times. Expanding on this perspective he has also launched ‘Point of Origin’, a spotlight feature highlighting hand-picked, culturally-diverse, musical discoveries in the alternative space, airing regularly on SiriusXM’s Alt Nation (ch.36). “By its very definition, alternative music is supposed to challenge boundaries by providing new and unheard possibilities. Though the sonic landscape is diverse, the limelight has cast a vastly monochromatic field. I am living proof that this is not so, and my aim is to illuminate artists who express the truest definition of what alternative is and should be by identifying what connects us all to our shared love of music. Through this platform, I want to create an opportunity for artists of colour and help foster a divergent narrative for today and tomorrow’s alternative music scene,” he said. Point of Origin puts focus on one artist over a two-week period and gives exposure to one of their songs during this time period accompanied by Gandhia’s commentary. This initiative helps budding artists of colour tell their story and showcase their talent, an opportunity that is difficult for them to get normally, thus challenging the homogenous narrative of Alternative and Indie Rock Music.

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