How Do UAE Residents Obtain Canadian PR? 

Canada happens to be a favourite country of migrants from across the world, who are desirous of excellent lifestyles and good career prospects. If one looks at the list of countries from where the applicants usually apply to acquire permanent residency in Canada, UAE comes among the topmost nations. Actually, only a few among the UAE nationals move to Canada but a substantial number of the Asian population residing in the emirates migrate to the country. So, today we will explore the easiest way to immigrate from UAE to Canada. 

Federal Express Entry (FEE) 

Unleashed in 2015 by IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada), the Federal Express Entry immigration system is the swiftest and most convenient way to obtain permanent residency in Canada from the UAE or any of its emirates. The FEE happens to be a system based on point and it is an online immigration system in line with CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). CRS assesses the profile of applicants and awards points to them based on age, education, work experience, language skills (English or French), etc. 

How To Apply For Canada PR Via Express Entry? 

  • Firstly, it is imperative to get the requisite documents to register a profile in express entry, i.e. IELTS test for English proficiency and ECA (Educational Credential Assessment). 
  • Then register the profile in the express entry system and get at least 67 Points (based on age, education, experience, etc.) criteria under FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) category 
  • Following the same, you will get into the Express Entry pool of candidates, where you will obtain precise CRS scores on the basis of age, education, language skills, etc. 
  • The IRCC initiates a draw each fortnight to get the applications with the top CRS score 
  • In case you have ITA (Invitation to Apply), you will get 60 days to present a complete Canada PR application together with the required documents 
  • The immigration office will scrutinize your documents, application and candidature, and if things are found to be appropriate, your PR visa will materialize for sure 

In case you are migrating from UAE, then this mode is the easiest one. 

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