How Can A Name Be Removed From Blacklist In The UAE?

How to remove a name from the blacklist in the UAE? This question is mostly asked by the deported expats who wish to enter the UAE again. Normally the expats who do not have a valid visa or whose visa has expired or been cancelled are deported from the UAE. Ministry of Interior can issue for the deportation of an expat in the following cases even if he holds a valid visa: 

If the individual is guilty and the court has issued an order for his deportation 

If he has no purpose of staying in the UAE 

If the deportation is issued in the public interest 

A foreigner who has been deported may not return to the country except with special permission from the director-general of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, as per Article 28 of Law on Entry and Residence of Foreigners. 

The application for obtaining the special permit shall be submitted to the naturalization and residency administration concerned with receiving the applications for entry permits and visas.  

The application shall contain all information related to the previous residency permits, the reasons for deportation, and circumstances that occurred thereafter. Justifications for entry can be mentioned in the application by the deported individual which must be supported with documents and necessary evidence. 

A foreigner against whom a deportation order is issued may apply to the public prosecution to cancel the deportation order. He may state reasons for his application and submit supporting documents. The application is sent to a special committee to decide on revoking the deportation order. In Dubai, you can apply online to cancel deportation via the website of Public Prosecution. 

Recorded names in the blacklist can be lifted as per the following conditions: 

For persons who are banned from entering the country: 

Individuals whose names are included in the list, under a court decision can lift the ban by following the procedures and rules mentioned in Ministerial Resolution 

Individuals whose names are included in the list under a decision by the Minister of Interior can lift the ban by following the rules mentioned in the law of Entry and Residence of Foreigners and will be lifted under a decision issued by the same minister 

Individuals whose names are included in the list under an order by International Criminal Cooperation Department will be lifted by the concerned authorities  

Persons banned from leaving:  

Names of individuals banned from leaving the UAE can be lifted from the blacklist by a written order published by the Public Prosecutor or his representative. The ban can be lifted after receiving written notice from the authority which issued the ban order. 

Names of individuals banned from leaving the UAE under a competent court decision will be lifted from the blacklist under a written order from the same court. 

Names of individuals liable for paying government funds will be lifted from the blacklist under a written order from the concerned authority. The authority should state justification and reasons. In this case, the ban lifting order has to be issued by the Minister of Interior or his authorized representative. 

Recorded names in the administrative list can be lifted according to these conditions: 

Department of Entry and Residence Permits has the authority to lift names of the following categories from the administrative list after one year from their deportation from the UAE 

Domestic helpers added to the list because of cancelling their residence before the expiry of their employment contracts 

Individuals deported from the UAE according to Article 29 of Foreigner Entry and Residency Law 

Individuals are banned from entering the UAE according to fines reduction regulations provided in the Ministerial Resolution No. 360 of 1997. 

No specific documents are needed to be attached while applying for re-entering the country. The authorities make a decision considering various factors such as checking if the individual represents a risk to the security and wellbeing of the citizens. If the deported expats have committed a serious crime it is a possibility that the ban on them might not be lifted.  

If the names from the blacklist and administrative list get lifted the concerned individual can re-enter the country after the deportation.  

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