Fourth Stage of National Serological Survey Starts in Oman

The fourth and last stage of the national serological survey conducted by the Ministry of Health of Oman to analyse the spread of Covid-19 among the citizens and ex-pats commenced on Sunday, November 8, and will carry on for five days.

The Ministry of Health issued a statement about the survey online, “The role of the survey has been significant in highlighting the overall prevalence of COVID-19 infection, and assessing the prevalence rate in the Sultanate’s various governorates as well the level of infection in those who did not show symptoms.”

“As the final phase of the survey is approaching, individuals are urged to continue their valuable engagement by participating in the survey’s final phase to complete it and achieve its objectives that aimed at serving both the individual and the society,” added the statement.

The National Serological Survey in Oman involves collecting blood samples from a random population, including people of all age groups, to check for antibodies to the coronavirus and aims to collect almost 400 samples from each governorate. Approximately 5000 blood samples are tested this way during each stage. People taking part in this survey are exempted from undergoing isolation. The first stage of the survey had already shown that the spread of Covid-19 is higher among ex-pats living in the country, mainly due to reasons like overcrowded living conditions. It had also reflected on the increased transmission of the virus in the Muscat governorate and Al Wusta governorate.

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