Four Things To Seriously Consider Before Moving To Qatar On A Company Sponsorship 

When it comes to Gulf countries the talks would invariably circle around the UAE, Dubai to be precise. There are other countries as well that are part of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) however, people are least bothered about these Gulf nations. It is really unfair to constantly ignore other countries that are as wealthy and prosperous as the UAE. Qatar happens to be one such country, which not only has a substantial oil reserve but natural gas as well. With the FIFA World Cup set to unfold in the country soon, the energy-rich nation can definitely go places in the long run. There are several expatriates, especially Indians, also living and working in this Gulf state and it is no less marvellous than its most pampered cousin in the region. So, if you are getting an opportunity to work and live in Qatar you should accept it with both hands but do keep in mind these important tips given below. 

Family Affairs Can Wait 

Fine, if you have found a well-paying job in Qatar. You should immediately make plans to relocate to the country. However, it is advisable to not take your family along at the outset even if your employer has given an assurance on the same. I know it sounds a bit too tough and a touch too insensitive on my part, but for a smooth transition to a new place, it is ideal that you bring your family only when you have gelled well over there. After all, it is just a matter of a few months and hence not too big a price in the bargain. Also, you should be aware that if your salary is less than 10,000 QR, then you can’t sponsor your family and certain companies permit family visas only if you have completed 6-8 months with them. So, go easy on family matters. 

Residency Process Is Not That Easy 

The process of residency is tough but it is not something that leads to splitting headaches unless you decide to make it a tedious exercise. As said previously, there is a large expat population in the country and there are several waiting in line regularly to pour themselves into the country. This explains the stringent procedures involved in thrashing out residency permits. For your convenience, it is better to seek assistance from the sponsoring company to aid you in the process. If not, then you can take the advice of other expatriates living in the country for some time. Just keep in mind, that life does not always offer a box of chocolates and you have to be prepared for worst-case scenarios as well. 

School Education For Your Child Can Easily Raise Your BP  

When you move to a new country your child’s education is something that you cannot take casually. After all, his academic session should not suffer. In Qatar, before taking your child along think about his education as there is a paucity of good schools in the country. In a lighter vein, the painstaking efforts that go into getting your child admitted to a decent enough school might nudge you to start a centre of learning yourself. Jokes apart, if you don’t have a concrete option for your children’s school education, then it is better to leave them in the home country for the sake of their studies till you find a good alternative in Qatar. 

Health Insurance Is A Necessity 

There should not be any compromise on your part with regard to the health of you and your family. In Qatar, hospital bills can be very costly. Most importantly, in the year 2016, Social Medical Insurance Scheme in the country made it mandatory to have health insurance for everyone in the country and the onus of basic health services was on the employers. So, if your employment contract is not very specific on health insurance, then seek clarification regarding the same from the company that is planning to employ you, or else you would be forced to cough up big amounts for matters regarding your health as well as your family’s. 

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