Four Reasons Why New Zealand Is Emerging As A Perfect Destination For Studies 

There are several study destinations across the globe where students from diverse continents flock for undergraduate as well as higher studies. Among these, there are certain places famous for providing quality education and these are talked about most often. So, today we will talk about a place that is less celebrated as a learning centre. Let us get started with New Zealand and find out why students, especially foreign, should opt for this country for academic purposes. 

High-Quality Education 

Just like other renowned learning centres, this country also offers world-class education to students. Almost all the institutes in New Zealand fall in the QS World Ranking. Also, New Zealand has for the last few years spent a lot of money to strengthen its educational infrastructure and the efforts are gradually paying off now. Due to this, there are many international students on the institutes’ campuses as well. So, in terms of educational standards, the universities in New Zealand are on par with the best across the world. 

Economical Study Expenses 

In terms of the educational system New Zealand might have taken a leaf out of the book of Britain, however, cost-wise it has chosen a different path. Annually the tuition fee comes to NZ$20,000, or just under £10,000. This way students, especially from overseas, can save enough money to indulge in some leisurely activities as well. This apart, the country’s universities also offer various options for scholarships for students to choose from. The only thing is that students need to pick the best after doing thorough research. 

Safe Place & Friendly People 

People in this part of the world are very friendly, welcoming and extremely helpful. Unlike in some western worlds, nobody is discriminated against on the basis of caste, colour and creed in this country. According to a 2015 survey of New Zealand’s immigration department, 90% of people from other countries considered New Zealanders to be very affable, and stress the same as a major reason for adapting to the way of the life in the country easily. New Zealand also has a low rate of crime, which is evident in the 2018 global index ranking: the second-safest country in the world. 

Study & Earn Money 

There are many countries where students are not allowed to work while they are pursuing their studies. But, New Zealand is very liberal on this count as it allows the students an opportunity to work part-time. This can be a blessing for those foreign students who are very constrained in terms of finance. In general, it benefits the student community as a whole as they earn some decent pocket money while studying. Even after finishing their studies, New Zealand allows students to be in the country to get work exposure for a year as well. Overall, it is a win-win situation for students in New Zealand. 

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