Five Indian-origin Leaders Holding Top Posts Across The Globe Apart From Rishi Sunak 

Euphoria over an Indian-origin leader’s ascent to the top post in the UK is yet to die down. But is Rishi Sunak the only one to achieve glory? No there are other Indians as well occupying prominent roles in other countries. As per the 2021 Indiaspora Government Leaders List, which was unveiled by a US-based organisation, over 200 Indian-origin people happen to be in leadership posts in 15 countries and more than 60 among them hold Cabinet positions. So, today we will talk about five Indian-origin leaders holding high posts in other countries. 

Kamala Harris 

As the first woman and first coloured Vice President of America, she deserves to come on top of this list. Apart from being a democratic party member, Kamala Harris used to be a Californian senator from 2017-21. Prior to that, Harris also held the post of the attorney general of California from 2011-17. The daughter of an Indian mother and a Jamaican father was born in Oakland, California, and graduated from Howard University, University of California and Hastings College of Law. 

Antonio Costa 

Born into a family of Indo-Portuguese parents, Antonio Costa is currently serving Portugal as its Prime Minister. He has been in power in the country since 2015 and happens to be its 119th PM. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon and practised law for a while before jumping into political waters fully. 

Chan Santokhi 

This former cop is currently the president of Suriname. Born into an Indo-Surinamese family in Lelydorp, he had a humble beginning as his father worked at a harbour of Paramaribo and his mother used to be a shop assistant. Chan Santokhi came into prominence for his crackdown on crime during his tenure as a Minister of Justice and Police under the Progressive Reform Party. He was elected as the President of the country unopposed in 2020. 

Pravind Jugnauth 

Born into a Hindu family, Pravind Jugnauth is the Prime Minister of Mauritius since 2017. His ancestors happened to be from the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. He made an entry into politics in 1987 and since 2003 Jugnauth has been the leader of the Militant Socialist Movement.In his political career, he has held several ministerial portfolios and was also the leader of the opposition.  

Mohamed Irfan Ali 

Born into a Muslim Indo-Guyanese family in West Coast Demarara, Mohamed Irfan Ali is currently the president of Guyana since 2020. And he happens to be the first Muslim President of Guyana and the second Muslim heading the state of the US after Noor Hassanali. He became the 10th President of Guyana on August 2020 after attracting a lot of controversies over the election process. 

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