E-Scooters To Be Policed Strictly Like Cars In Dubai 

As Dubai authorities wish to explore more locations to widen the network of electric scooters in the city, these vehicles will also be policed just like cars and brought under the regulatory scanner. 

In the words of Hussain Al Banna, executive director of traffic at Roads and Transport Authority, e-scooters are an excellent option for quick trips. But it is very important they are regulated for the safety of the users and others present on the road. 

While they are easy to use and there have been attempts to put safety measures for the use of these e-scooters in the UAE and across the world. 

Some international companies were brought into the country by the authorities to monitor the use of e-scooters and asked local companies to learn from them. The scheme is being extended to 10 areas of the emirate, including City Walk and Palm Jumeirah. 

E-scooters are great for promoting sustainable mobility and they will help the city to grow, a trend that is being seen worldwide. But at the same time, their use needs to be regulated. They must follow local and federal laws in the same way as cars do. 

Rules for riders 

  • The minimum age to ride scooters is 16 
  • Riders should wear a helmet 
  • Drive only in the safe designated zones 
  • The speed limit is 20kph 
  • Keep a safe distance between scooters 
  • Riders should not block pedestrians 
  • Park the scooters in designated areas 

Kind of scooters allowed in Dubai 

The city allows rental and personal scooters. The rental ones are built to certain specifications. For example, they come with geofencing technology to control the speed of the scooters if the riders exceed the 20kph speed limit. 

Authority says there will be fines and confiscations if the bikes are ridden in prohibited areas. These include Rigga Street, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Internet City and 2nd of December Street. 

In 2021, there was a series of injuries caused by e-scooter accidents in the UAE. Doctors said there were some instances of broken bones, bruises and scrapes after falling off the two-wheelers. Some can travel at more than 30 kilometres an hour which is very common. 

Previously, two children were struck by cars while riding e-scooters in Sharjah. A fifth-grader in the emirate died 15 days after a collision with a vehicle while riding his e-scooter. 

So many e-scooters trips were examined to determine how these vehicles can be safely integrated into the emirate’s transport system. Those who use personal scooters must ensure quality and have standard brakes and wheels. Police will seize the modified ones.  

The Federal Traffic Council set up a task force to help ensure the safe use of e-scooters across the UAE. This new committee will work closely with relevant authorities to develop plans to regulate the use of e-scooters and avoid reckless behaviour on the roads. 

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