Canada’s Revised Work Policy: How It’s Going To Help Foreign Students Financially

It takes a huge toll on financial health to secure admission in one of the reputed universities in Canada. However, this is not the end of monetary burden for foreign students in the country as they keep stumbling upon some expense or the other once they reach over there. For example, accommodation,  tution fee, grocery needs etc. There is a lot on the plates of international students once they reach Canada.   

However, this is not just the story of students in Canada. In fact, the country itself is reeling under the twin effects of inflation and Covid-19 pandemic. And it won’t be wrong to say that the entire country is feeling the heat for quite some time. But, the recent tweaking of immigration policies will be very useful in reviving the financial stability of Canadians and the Indian students studying over there. 

Let us familiarize with the new work policy for immigrant students in Canada and find out how it will benefit Indian students. 

On 7 October, 2022, Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship announced the temporary relaxation of the 20-hour-per-week rule, the maximum duration a post-secondary student is permitted to work outside the campus. This apart, the country has arrived at a decision to bring in immigrants at a rate of 1% of Canada’s population. This is bound to help the country in overcoming various problems such as economic, labour and demographic. 

How Indian Students Are Going To Benefit From This Policy Relaxation? 

According to recent data, in Canada, there are over 6,00,000 international students, out of this Indians comprise of 2,40,000. Hence, notwithstanding the ongoing free fall of the Indian rupee against the Canadian dollar, the students can easily gain more financial strength. They are free to do more part-time jobs and use the money to meet their daily expenditures. 

The lifting the cap on working hours will enable the students to not only gain work exposure  but also assist them in choosing the most relevant job opportunity. This would make them less vulnerable to unscrupulous employers and help them select the employment that best utilize their potential. 

Also, the Canadian government is going to come out with a pilot project to eliminate all bottlenecks in the grant of study permit extension applications to enhance the overall client experience and bring in more skilled and ambitious students from across the globe. 

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