Canada: 5 Reasons For Rejecting Visa Meant For Spouses 

Visa rejection can be extremely frustrating and painful, especially if it happens to be of your spouse. Following that you have no option but to repeat the entire procedure once again. This means going through a series of anxieties yet again. As for Canada, a visa pertaining to your spouse gets rejected due to inadequate representation as well apart from others. So, today we will give the reasons why the visa meant for spouses gets rejected by Canadian authorities. 

Improper Way Of Applying 

Visa application processes are extremely stringent with regard to Canada and one should not take things lightly. For example, using forms that do not apply to your type of situation, signing and dating forms inappropriately, and signing forms digitally( never do this unless specified in the rules so) can be grave mistakes on your part. Hence, the visa to bring your spouse to Canada can be rejected on these grounds. 

Include Supporting Documents As Well 

This is a very common matter among people trying to bring their spouses to Canada. Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) contains a host of Country-specific documents from your Country in respect of this procedure. People applying for visas for their spouses must affix the mandatory documents but should not ignore the additional documents from their home country to further strengthen the case of bringing their spouses to the country. Therefore, even these documents should be attached alongside the application.  

Never Make The Error Of Excluding Necessary Docs 

Documents are very vital in the process of visa application and in the case of spouses as well all the essential documents should be provided while seeking the visa. It is a cardinal sin to miss the documents that are sacrosanct with the process. As said previously, visa processing is an extremely complex phenomenon, so having all kinds of documents, mandatory and supporting, is a must. 

Not Clearly Establishing The Relationship  

The basic doctrine while applying for a spouse visa is proving the relationship beyond any doubt. So, it can get a bit complex for a husband or a wife to be objective in certain aspects of the application. Resultantly, certain significant aspects of the relationship get ignored and the same can lead to rejection. So, it is advisable for individuals to get professional help to avoid such slip-ups while applying for a spouse visa. 

Not Revealing Important Incidents 

The Canadian visa process is no child’s play and an individual should not show any kind of laxity in any aspect of the process. For example, if you have been detained on any charges in prison and later on cleared of all the allegations then you need to specify the same on the relevant part of the application. You cannot exclude such matters assuming that you are free from all charges now. Such exclusions can prove costly and hence avoid such pitfalls. 

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