As Covid Rears Its Head Yet Again, Kindly Avoid Travelling To These Countries 

COVID refuses to leave our lives and the pandemic keeps obstructing our schedules at regular intervals. As positive cases spike in China, other countries are feeling the heat and poised to introduce travel curbs in the days to come. Also, these are holiday times and many people would be planning short vacations abroad. Hence, we are listing out those countries where there has been an increase in COVID cases, and in case you are planning a vacation, it would be better to avoid these destinations for the sake of the public at large.  


It has become pretty evident by now that going to China is akin to walking into a disaster. The cases are multiplying on a regular basis and the same is stretching the health infrastructure of the country. It won’t be a surprise if more and more countries start to impose travel curbs on those wanting to visit China in the days to come and prescribe mandatory Covid tests on travellers coming back from the country. 


Not just China but even Japan is getting drastically affected by the virus. The country is witnessing 2 lakh cases on a daily basis for the last few days. Cases have been on the rise since August end but things are looking very critical as the festive season begins. None other than health authorities have confirmed the same. So, tick off Japan from the list of places to visit this year. 

The United States 

Even the United States is seeing a lot of COVID positive cases of late. The reports state that the US has recorded over 15 lakh cases in the past 28 days. And by now, the overall Covid count in the country since the start of the pandemic, 2020, has breached the 100 million mark on December 21, according to reliable data. 

South Korea 

The number of cases has increased substantially in this country in recent months. In fact, a couple of days back, South Korea reported close to 70,000 cases on a single day. The number is not seeing any decline even now as well. This happens to be yet another country to stay clear of in these pandemic times. 


The number of Covid positive cases has escalated over the last few weeks in the country. Things are looking somewhat critical right now. However, it has to be added that the spike in the cases is yet to be linked to Omicron sub-variants. 


There has been an uptick in cases in Germany in the last few weeks. If the recent media reports are anything to go by, then the country is recording close to 40,000 cases on a daily basis in the last few days. Hence, if someone is planning a trip abroad, then the person should eliminate Germany from the list for the time being. 

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