Are Expats/ Non-Nationals Permitted To Tie The Knot In Dubai? 

Dubai happens to be one of the world-class cities across the globe with avant-garde facilities and this aspect of Dubai has been driving several foreigners towards the emirates for several years in the past. As per an online source, 85 percent of the population in the business capital of the UAE happens to be of expats. This is indeed a huge number and it implies that native residents only form a small percentage of the total population. However, there is a huge difference between the rights and privileges enjoyed by these two communities. Expats also enjoy some privileges but they come with strings attached and they include the matter of marriage as well. Now, the pertinent question, given the circumstances, to be asked is: Are non-nationals/ expats allowed to get married in Dubai? Let’s find out the same. 

Firstly, Can Foreigners Get Hitched In Dubai? 

Of course, foreign expats are permitted to marry in the city, but subject to a condition: 

  • The marriage has to be duly registered with courts or appropriate embassies 

Note: Even non-Muslims are also allowed to tie the knot according to the regulations of their relevant countries. 

What do Expats Need To Do Get Married in Dubai? 

However, there are certain formalities they (expatriates) need to fulfil. These procedures or formalities differ on the basis of couples’: 

  1. Nationality/ies 
  1. Residency Status 
  1. Religion 
  1. Citizenship 

Requirements to Solemnize The Marriage 

Now let us focus on the pre-conditions and documents needed for the auspicious event to materialize in the city: 

  • Above all, the bride’s nod 
  • The Emirates Ids of the couple 
  • Valid Passports 
  • Visa status of both 
  • It is mandatory to have at least one person (groom, bride or the bride’s guardian) involved in the contract of marriage to possess a valid UAE residence visa 
  • Last but not the least, a pre-marital health screening certificate of sound health (issued by DHA primary healthcare centres) has to be acquired by the bride and the groom. The test is performed to minimize the danger of spreading communicable and inherited diseases. This certificate needs to be applied for and can be procured after paying a nominal fee. 

Significantly, the application to solemnize the marriage can be rejected in case of a negative outcome in the above-mentioned certificate. 

Eligibility Criteria For Expats To Get Married In Dubai 

  • The couple must have attained 18 years of age 
  • They need to bring two witnesses on the auspicious occasion 

Where Non-Muslim Expats Can Perform The Nuptial Ties? 

  • The embassy or consulate pertaining to the couple’s country of origin in the UAE 
  • A Temple or Church based on the religion of the couple 

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