5 Ideal Camping Sites In The UAE That Are Perfect For Winters

Winters are here and to make it better even the holiday period is upon us as well. These two make a perfect time for camping. If you are in the mood for one, then there are several camping destinations in the UAE. With splendid mountains and serene beaches, these sites are perfect to spend the weekends with your near and dear ones. Today, we will touch upon five ideal sites for camping in the emirate. 

Al Badayer 

This falls in the emirate of Sharjah and it is one of the best camping sites in the country. Apart from enjoying off-roading across its golden dunes, Al Badayer is very popular with weekend crowds for its tranquil surroundings, and the splendid views of the sunrise and the stars. 


This happens to be one of the most wonderful camping sites in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, which normally has a perception of being a mere industrial town. This place has both a natural charm and tranquillity in abundance and it happens to be a popular place for both young and families crowds. 


The Liwa International Festival apart, the Liwa area is alluring due to its serenity as well. Situated in Abu Dhabi, Liwas is nestled in a lonely spot in the Empty Quarter. Due to the peaceful environment, it draws a plethora of visitors thirsting for splendid winter evenings. 


Hatta happens to be an exclave of Dubai, high in the Hajar Mountains. This is a perfect place that faces the beautiful Hatta Nature Reserve, apart from the calm surrounding mountains. Hatta is very popular among camping crowds, where people can have a gala time with family and friends. 

Al Qudra 

This is a perfect destination for picnics as well as to relish barbecues. Situated in Dubai, It is unarguably one of the best camping sites in the emirate that can be accessed with ease. These apart, people can even experience an off-road adventure on the dunes. 

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